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Taking just a couple minutes this morning to attach a few poems about mothering that I have run across. I think these are lovely and encouraging and they seem so appropriate for the stage of motherhood that I am in. I hope you enjoy them as well!

“Oh Give Me Patience,” practically my mantra for each day. Love it!


The unknown author of this poem, and myself, have kindred spirits

“A Mother’s Prayer”

Dear Lord, It’s such a hectic day,

With little time to stop and pray,

For Life’s been anything but calm,

Since You called me to be a Mom,

Running errands, matching socks,

Building dreams with matching blocks,

Cooking, cleaning, finding shoes,

And other stuff that children lose,

Fitting lids on bottled bugs,

Wiping tears and giving hugs,

A stack of last week’s mail to read,

So where’s the quiet time I need?

Yet, when I steal a moment, Lord,

Just at the sink or ironing board,

To ask the blessings of Your grace,

I see them, in my small one’s face,

That you have blessed me

All the while —

And I stoop to kiss

That precious smile.

~~ Author Unknown ~~

I’d snatch up this little plaque if I ever found it for sale!


Another “Mother’s Prayer.” This one is beautiful as well and I love so many of the lines.

“A Mother’s Prayer”

The things I never told you I’d like to tell you now; Of feelings held contentedly inside my heart to swell;

Of thoughts and dreams, wants and happiness too; A Mother’s prayer to finally share with you.

Lord, govern their lives as you have mine, Touch them with Your sweet divine,

Make them happy, guide their paths, Tickle their funnybones, let me hear their laughs.

Dry the tears sliding down their faces, Hold their hands when the love heart races,

Make them stand tall when the burdens are great, Prepare them to carry the loads of fate.

Heal the hurts and sufferings of the spirit, Make them listen until they hear it;

That sweet song of yours that will touch their soul And carry them forward until they are old.

Lord, let them see the meaning of life, Protect them from the evils of strife,

Gently guide them in the path of your ways, I pray, Lord, I pray for them everyday.

I know, Lord, that I fell short many times; In my guidance as “Mom” there were crimes,

Times that I failed to help them see The beauty that you have bestowed around me.

Take their hands and lead them forward Give them strength to avoid the coward

And evil ones that lurk about Waiting` to swallow them up and shout

The conquest of their gentle soul Provide them the coin to pass the toll.

Please make things right, Lord, once again To help them to see the meaning of friends

And loved ones that hold them close to the heart

With a Mother that loves them, never apart.

~~ Author Unknown ~~

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This is the coolest website I’ve seen in a long time. I cannot wait to start reading through the huge library of children’s books with Anna and Dean. Yay and yay! The title below is just one of many the website lets you read for free!

Hope for Haiti


“We Give Books is a free website that enables anyone with access to the Internet to put books in the hands of children who don’t have them, simply by reading online. Simply choose the charity you want to read for and then select the books you want to read. For each book you read online, we donate a book to a leading literacy group on your behalf. The more you read, the more we give.”

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My favorite, sweet little heads


Small head with a big body/big body with a small head.




Not afraid to dirty her pretty dress


Because when you are this young, all God’s creatures are a delight.


“Look how strong I am, mommy!”


And big enough to help with the outside chores.


And so very goofy.


With grandpa in her “forest house.”


A little boy who marvels at everything.


Including what wondrous things might be found in the mud!


Not to be out-goofed by older sister.


Joyful, wobbly babies on bedposts.


And a serious bout with pinkeye.


A little sickness doesn’t put a stop to all the monkey business.



Our pint size ball player


So much fun tuckers you out


It’s no wonder he falls asleep before his tired body hits the sack.

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Sneaking in this morning during a busy week of preperation for taxes. I’ve just been itching to share some of my favorite websites with you. I hope you might find them as usefull and enjoyable as I do!

  • Home http://www.blueletterbible.org/index.cfm. Oh my! I cannot say enough about this site. It is a one-stop-shop for nearly everything Biblical that you might need. You can read the Bible in nearly every translation here and every scripture and many words are linked with commentaries of all varieties, including audio and video. The site has ministry resources and links to devotionals and important commentators. My only complaint about The Blue Letter Bible is that it often keeps me from actually opening my  underlined and cherished, “real” Bible.


  • http://www.starfall.com/ Starfall!! We use this website just about every day here. It is an incredible teaching tool for both my little tikes. My three year…

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Just thought I would share a little mommy tip that really works for me. I’m sure other moms have these too and are way ahead of me in how they organize and do crafts with their kids, but this is how the craft and book corner is set up at our house.


As you can see, Martha Stewart has a lot on me. The books are shoved in and everything looks a little dumped, but it’s an arrangement that works for us.


Puzzles and games are on the top shelf just out of reach because little hands love to dump these.


Books and paper are on the second shelf and are easily and frequently accessed by the little ones. On the bottom shelf is a tub of paint and other craft supplies. Also a basket with scraps, pipe cleaners and other craft supplies. This is also our play dough station.

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